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RGLB video on Who site ...

It's funny how we can react differently to the same things.  I was
watching the RGLB clip last night, for probably the 5th time, and the same
"moment" caught my attention.  However, all I could think of was --
couldn't you guys have rehearsed a little more?  Is a teleprompter
necessary?  The bond I saw was one old fart propping up another one.  But,
hey, I still love to watch these geriatric rock stars play too. 

> While watching the RGLB video on the Who site, I noticed a little
> "moment", 
> it was heart warming.
> Right before the "Wise men say.....".........Pete is looking down
> playing, 
> and you can tell when he hears Roger start singing that part, he can
> hear his 
> struggling voice and he looks up suddenly then moves to his microphone
> to back 
> Roger up on his vocals......he starts to sing, but hears Roger is
> handling it 
> and he backs up.
> It makes me feel that bond between them.  A moment between brothers, 
> soldiering on.  I love that.  That's the kind of thing that makes me
> still love the 
> Who and still love to watch them play.

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