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Administrivia: Changes coming to igtc.com mailing lists


In the coming 2 weeks, I'll be making changes to how mailing lists are
handled at igtc.com.  The current package I am using is over 11 years old
and has had many hacks and kludges added by yours truly to make
administering the lists as easy as possible.  However, as the software
becomes more and more heavily customized, it also gets more difficult to
maintain.  Therefore, I'll be changing the underlying list management

During the coming 2 weeks, there will be occassional periods of
unavailability of the lists.  I'll try to let you know in advance when these
will occur and for how long.

The plan is to make the switch without requiring any of you to change how
you post to the lists.  However, the new software will provide you with the
ability to customize a number of things about how you personally receive the
list (to be announced after the cutover).

I appreciate you patience and understanding while I make these much-needed

- Paul -

Maintainer, igtc.com Mailing Lists