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Billboard review of Ronnie Lane benefit

>From: Brian Cady <brianinatlanta2001@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Billboard review of Ronnie Lane benefit
>From Billboard at:
>If its 2004 successor was lighter on
>superstar names, it was the prospect of seeing Pete
>Townshend, Ronnie Wood and Paul Weller in an unusual
>setting that attracted many to take part in the

Eh?  That doesn't read well to me.
A contradiction?
Nice nod to Pete, though.

>appearance by Townshend for "Stone."

Hell yeah!

>Townshend's "Heart to Hang Onto," from his 1977
>collaboration with Lane, "Rough Mix," was moving both
>for his affectionate introduction and its signal that
>Townshend's artistic mercury is clearly rising again.

Hey now!
Pieces are falling in place.
The stage is set.
The mood is right.

The only thing missing is the new album.
If it's good, it'll take off.

Kevin in VT

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