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So long on the plane...

	>From: "Paul M. Moriarty"
	>Subject: Re: it's official... 
>> That's a *TON* of time in an airplane.
>> I dread the thought, and wouldn't then have to get up on stage.
>> Tired just thinking about it!
>I somehow doubt they'll be flying commercial.

Oh, I'm certain of it (that they won't fly commercial). 
Remember those videos that Rabbit took back in 2002 of The Who Jet??

Then again, that was a small plane.
Ya need one of dem dar jumbo type crafts to make it from Ausi-land to Cali-for-ni-A.

"There's kangaroos and we're bad news in Australia
Thrown off the plane for drinking beer
So long on the plane it drove us insane
So long on the plane"

Commercial or private...."So long on the plane....."

Hey!  A new verse for Postcard!

Lot's of good sushi and geisha's with tight tushies in Japan
We travel by rickshaw, avoid the guffaw
Might as well be blind, can't read a bloody sign
Gonna lose my mind


Hey, quick note to you Paul....
Been meaning to write this for a while now..
Good to having you posting more frequently to the list.
I don't feel like such a free loader!

Kevin in VT

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