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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> Compared to '75-'78, sure.  But '69-'72?  No way.


I think it's obvious what's going on here. Those who
were not present for their true popularity peak think
that when they discovered the band was the peak. I
don't know how old you are, but I remember when I Can
See For Miles first came on the radio...and saw the
rise of the band, primarily due to the success of
Tommy. As one critic said at the time: this album
brings The Who to the level of bands like The Beatles,
Kinks and Rolling Stones. As we all know, it was only
up from there (until Quad).
Earlier I mentioned about Who Next being one of those
albums everyone bought. I think you know what I mean,
there are certain albums that fans and non-fans alike
bought. Tommy and WN were among those. Pearl Jam's Ten
was one. Aqualung is another. And so on.
Who Are You and Face Dances were NOT. So on sheer
album sales alone we can debunk this idea of 1979-82
being the band's popular peak.

> their Tommy tours.   5 & 6 are evidence of

Yeah, neither of them did as well at the box office as
Tommy did. Especially Quad, it was in and out of the
theaters pretty quick.

> Oh don't get me wrong, the Silverdome was packed at
> concert time. (And it is huge)


Oh, OK. I was wondering about that. You're in the area
of the US the band is most popular, and here is where
they're least.

> Were The Who more popular in 1972 or 1982?  



> Right!  And like Jon has pointed out, they *still
> had* that '69 - '71
> popularity behind them in '79 - '82, PLUS!!! -

No, they lost a lot of it with Quad and then Squeeze

> Another thing you fail to realize is the boost The
> Who got around the
> late '70s from the punk movement

You mean the one that didn't exist? Punks weren't into
The Who. You've declared to me that you're no Punk,
well I am. Was. Whatever. Anyway, Who fans can be
Punks but Punks weren't Who fans.

> No, no, no.  The Who gained some *notoriety* from
> non-rock fans in '69, that's about it.

You're speculating. I'm not, I'm recalling. It was
quite impressive to have a Rock band playing Opera
venues and being taken seriously.

> *invalidate* the Kenney era

Ha! It invalidates itself.

> And, I ain't hearing them.


(hands over ears when a Kinks song starts, shouting

> You've said "It has to be sensed (?) 


"Feel the force, Luke."

> Plus, he's still fighting with Mark about The Kinks!

And losing it.

"It was everyone elses' fault."
 `Lizza "frontin' for my man" Rice

Cheers         ML

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