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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

In a message dated 4/8/2004 11:01:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
You've made a strong case but I still think I'm right!

And that's why we love you.  Hey, at least you got us talking about The Who



I think the point Scott is addressing is what he brought up about the Who's 
popularity and pull in general society vs. that of say, the Stones.  Today the 
Stones still have much of it and the Who doesn't have nearly what they used to 
have.  There are no Who blimps over my house in 2004.  No Who commercials  on 

So what Scott is bugged by I believe, is, why is this the case?  I think the 
main reason is because of no new product.  The reason for this was because 
Pete's solo career took first place away from the Who in Pete's mind.  Since it 
was Ronnie Laine that encouraged him to get away from writing Who songs and put 
out the solo stuff, we can put the blame firmly on The Faces for the 
destruction of the Who.  They even sent their drummer to do an inside job. It was a 
planned conspiracy! No wonder Roger didn't like Kenney.

Jon in Mi.