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Re: suiciders

> >> "Suiciders"....
> >
> >I was laughing aloud when I heard him use "suiciders"
> Damn, Mc.  You've thrown me for a loop!  Where'd this sense 
> of humor come from????
> I was expecting a passionate defense!
> I...I....I...don't know what to say!

Hey, I may be a conservative but I am also a student of the language (Mark goes into coughing fit), so I can't defend Bush's mutilations, but have to laugh.  Ever heard him say, "Satistics"?  Said it several times in a speech yesterday.  He also says "Nucular," but that's less funny b/c carter said that too, and he has a degree in physics.

And if you were to say to anyone I know that I have no sense of humor, they would laugh at you.  In HS I won a number of awards for humorous acting at speech competitions and later hosted a comedic sports radio program (complete with my John McGloughlin impression, a la Dana Carvey, during a rapid-fire question and answer with co-hosts).  

I'll defend the policies of Bush I agree with, and argue against the ones I don't (such as not opening up the strategic oil reserves, and not removing the tax incentives to outsourcing), so I am not a slave to republican ideology.