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I want out! Keep yer money!

	>From: Marcus Surrealius 
	>Subject: Re: Kinks...hijinks ? and dealing with a dink 
>> So how did *I* say ICSFM was better, when I stated
>> it wasn't as good as the "Great" Who songs.
>Did I say you had?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh <sound of Kevin in VT jumping out window...> !

>Chart numbers are the indication of what sold, and
>what sold is how the radio researchers decide what is
>to be played on the radio now. So yes, they are

So, then, how do you explain why we hear more Who than Kinks on the radio?

>Surely you don't think they take endless polls on
>what's popular NOW among Classic Rock listeners!

I'm sure *current* record sales and other gobbledy-gook is taken into consideration.
Thanks for your support.

>No, I don't see how the people least familiar with the
>works of various bands should be a factor.

Oh, I see.  Critics, etc. are the least familiar with works of various bands?
You're losing me.

>> We're all biased!
>Not me. 

You've lost me.

Take it away Scott....

> From: "Schrade, Scott" 
>Subject: Re: Kinks...hijinks ? - T&N adds on TV 
>>>the bronze medallists to the gold Beatles and the silver Stones 
>>See, this is what I've been saying. 
>>"Bronze medallists". That's third. 
>>Not fourth, or fifth, or anything lower than.......*third*! 
>>I have no idea where The Kinks would fall, but it's not third, or second, or first. 
>> Sorry. 
>D'oh! The jury finds for the defendant, Kevin O'Neal! Mark Leaman is hereby ordered to provide Kevin with restitution & 
>court costs. 

Thank you!
The only restitution I want is to get out of this maddening thread!  Keep yer money!

Kevin in VT

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