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Who's Touring

The Who are coming back to Australia for the first
time since 1968.

After the '68 tour, Pete Townshend said he would never
set foot back in Australia after the Prime Minister of
the time, John Gorton, wrote to him and told him never
to come back. 

The band was on tour with the Small Faces when an
incident broke out en route to Melbourne from Adelaide
on their way to New Zealand. (In those days, you had
to travel from Adelaide, to Melbourne and then to
Sydney to fly to Auckland). One of the roadies was
caught drinking a can of beer on the morning flight.
The crew refused to serve the entourage and an
argument broke out mid-flight between the bands and
the flight crew. 

Police were at Melbourne's Essendon Airport to "greet"
the bands and arrest them for the disturbance but in
the end no charges were laid. However, the pilot of
the connecting flight refused to take them and they
were stranded. In the end, The Who and the Small Faces
had to charter a flight to get back on their way.

It would have ended there had the Prime Minister not
added his two cents.

Daltrey has been back on a number of occasions, most
recently in 1999 for the Ultimate Rock Symphony with
Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper and the Melbourne
Symphony Orchestra.

Dates are expected to be officially announced soon

July 28, Sydney, Sydney Entertainment Centre 
July 31, Melbourne, Vodafone Arena, Melbourne

By Paul Cashmere
)2004 Undercover Media Pty Ltd, April 6, 2004

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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