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Re: venom extracting and Bushisms

> Exactly my thought at your first 'venom' extracting post.  Thus my " ? "
> reply.

It was a one-line, light-hearted poke at the massive, long-running political feud between that person who doesn't want to be named in my posts and me.  I certainly didn't anticipate the vitriol which followed, but I should have.  I thought enough time had passed since I proved that the confederate flag at the SC capitol was far larger than a flag attached to a car window, that the response would remain in the light spirit of the "venom extracting" comment.  How wrong I was.  
> >"These terrorists, these suiciders, love terror and hate freedom."
> >-GW Bush
> "Suiciders"....

I was laughing aloud when I heard him use "suiciders" at the infamous rose garden press conference (where he later blamed the "mission accomplished" banner on the crew of the aircraft carrier.)  I guess murderers should now be called "homiciders."  Love him or hate him, he entertains.

> From the book titled "I'm George Bush, I make up the words as I go along."
> Re-printed in 2004 under the title "If you don't know, just make it up!"
> Excerpts extracted from that George Bush best seller titled 
> "I speak goodly
> English."

I need to get my hands on that.  Though I'm not sure anyone can top Quayle's, "If we do not succeed, then we run the risk of failure."  OR, "I want to look to the future, not past to the back."


"I know what George Bush wants.  Oil wells.  Oil wells as far as the eye can see."

-Roger Daltrey, The Gorge, WA- July 6, 2002