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Re: New Cd and new songs

----- Original Message ----- From: "Alan McKendree"

> That's an excellent thing to do.  I'm not saying that Pete's mom's
> statement was good, or shouldn't have been better thought out.  In
> fact, in a way I think of those lines in the song as Pete's revenge
> after all these years, exposing his mother's insensitivity for the
> world to discuss and condemn.  Most parents never get that kind of
> comeuppance from their kids for their parenting gaffes.  I'm just
> saying that to say that she lied to Pete is an overstatement.  For
> you to tell your kids they are ugly would be a lie, because you don't
> believe it.  In her case, I think the chances are that she was being
> honest, albeit in a tactless, hurtful, and even mistaken way.

I'm reminded of this verse from Guitar And Pen (lyrics from thewho.net):

"When you sing to your mum, and you hum and you croon
And she says that she'd like it "with more of a tune"
And you smash your guitar at the end of the bed [I always though it was
Then you stick it together and start writing again
And you know that it won't be too long 'til you're back
To bring her some money, she's calling you "honey"
Stashed in a bloody great sack
In your Cadillac"

The way Roger sings "with more of  a tune" is priceless.  It seems like
Pete's mom wasn't real good at constructive criticism.  Yet, he desperately
wanted her approval, hence the sacks of cash.

Jim M