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Re: Setlist Variety

In a message dated 4/1/04 11:40:33 AM, TheWho-Digest-Owner@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< I agree with Scott's frustration, but in a way am glad The Who didn't turn 
least permanently) into the mass production unit that is The Stones. >>

That is one of the complaints over on the Stones list - a lot of Stones fans 
wish the Stones would drop the horns, the back up singers, the blow up bimbo 
balloons, the fireworks, etc... and just play the music.  The example often 
brought up was the Who on their last couple of tours - they didn't take the 
flounce on tour.

Reading the digest the past few days has amused me because the Stones have 
been held as having a lot of setlist variety.  Which most Stones fans would 
disagree with - they wish for the spice and variety of a Dylan setlist.  I wonder 
which artist's setlist Dylan fans wish for?  I'm probably going to have to 
subscribe to a Dylan list and find out.  Curiosity is not always a good thing.....