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Re: Who Christmas

> Hi Guys! My husband got me The Kids dvd and "Live at Royal Albert Hall" CD. I 
> am a happy camper this Christmas. What about everyone else?

Well, I received a Joe G. "This Guitar Has Seconds To Live" Who poster.  That was 
my only Who present.  

Other non-boring items I received:  the book THE BIG SPLAT - Or How Our Moon
Came To Be, about the most promising theory on the origin of Earth's moon.  When
I opened it, my dad yelled, "How the moon came to be?  I can tell you that!  It's in
Genesis!"  Small wonder I'm an atheist.

I also got the Loony Tunes four-DVD set featuring many of the cartoons I grew up
watching on Saturday mornings.  (Not having cable TV, I'm not exposed to those 
classic cartoons of my past.)  I highly recommend this.

And I got the Family Guy Volume Two three-DVD set.  (For those who don't know,
Family Guy is an irreverent TV cartoon, much like the Simpsons but a bit raunchier.)

I got a Stranglers greatest hits CD.  Some dope.  Some cash.  And a couple of gift

I *did,* however, *give* the gift of Who this Christmas.  I gave the TOMMY movie
on VHS to a friend who had mentioned not being able to find it a while back & was
keen on seeing it again.  

It always feels good to give the gift of Who.....

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism