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Re: Who's Last

> >"A Quick One" was edited down somewhat, from the studio version,
> >when played live.
> I was going to mention that a while ago.  Not only do they always shorten 
> the song, but the part they leave out is the part where Ivor and the girl 
> guide actually, uh, fornicate.
> so, why take out that verse?  It might save all of 30 seconds.  

I think it was just a case of wanting to shorten the song a bit - not of any
concern for the words.  Thirty seconds is a long time in a song (even a 
long one like AQO).

Which reminded me.....the band wisely edited out a segment in "I Don't 
Even Know Myself" for the 2000 tour.  I always thought that song was a 
bit too long.  They removed the first "I don't mind if you try once in a while"
part.  Smart decision, I thought at the time.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism