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Face Dances

First of all, great news about the Who playing at RAH and IOW, if you live in 
fucking England!!

Kind of ironic, listening to Face Dances while dying the grey out of my hair. 

Usually when I put on a Who album, I go right to the time and place in my 
life I was at when I got that album, where I worked, my best friends, even the 
brand of cigarettes I was smoking and the amount of drugs I was consuming.  I 
drew a blank with Face Dances.

Although the lyrics were fresh in my mind, I kept asking myself, what was I 
up to when Face Dances came out?  I still don't remember.  Ha!

No, but seriously, one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was, "oh 
dear, Kenney".

My favorite song: Another Tricky Day, 2nd place: Quiet One.

Least Favorite:  Daily Records.

And now, at the ripening age of 37, I can finally answer the age old 
question, "How can you do it alone?".  Let me count the ways..............

Jo ;)