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Re: ...what is everyones opinion of WHO's LAST?

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Schrade, Scott"
> > No, it's the LP.  The mix is pretty bad.  The vocal levels drop down at
> > times, John's bass sounds diluted, & Pete's guitar sounds thin.  But a lot
> > of that might be the *recording* rather than the mix.
> The live tracks from that tour that have been released later have those same
> negative qualities, but the recordings sound a lot better.  That makes me
> think it would be possible to do a decent remaster of Who's Last.  I'm sure
> it's way down on the list of priorities, though.  What's the best Kenney
> Jones era recording you're aware of?  You think they'll ever release a full
> concert from that period?  I don't suppose there'd be much demand for The
> Who Rocks America on DVD.
> > Now,....what were we originally talking about?  Alan Alda?
> I think it was some sort of evangelical atheism or something.
> Jim M

How about a cd or dvd of the chicago 79 show that would do me good what about you?