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Re: Face Dances , drums, Pete's valley

In a message dated 12/17/2003 3:14:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
But can anyone think of a good example of
Moon providing a danceable swing-type beat?

I think you hit the best one with I Can't explain.  Very danceable and it's a 
groove the way Keith plays it.  Funny that he didn't do that more often.  Was 
it Talmy's influence?  The My Generation album is full of dance tunes.  Not 
much since.  Also after that they went from Roger's Motown/James Brown stuff 
directly to Pete's stuff.  But he wrote ICE. Forget about dancing to John's 
songs;  well, except for Dance Master.

>> Are you saying that we don't even have a soul?  

>Not in the religious sense of an "entity" separate from our physical 
bodies.  That's a load of rubbish.  A lie.

Not a lie.  We aren't separate from our physical bodies anyhow (or our body 
would be dead), but I am a person, not just a life form.  We are all different 
and we are distinct in our peculiar traits.  We are unique.  If science can't 
appreciate this, I bet your girlfriend can.

>There's no reason to invent things to explain the
human mind - *if* you are willing to learn the facts & the truth.

I heartily agree.

>> These two trees are the two sources in the universe. This is a *major*
>> fact.

Excuse me, but "facts" can be proven to a high degree of probability.
Please refer to me the scientific study which confirms to such a degree
your "two trees" theory.

I'm not coming at you with the recent man-made scientific method.  I am 
coming with the Word of the One who made man.  

Jon in Mi.

"To look at what God has made us and *to forget God Himself* always tempts us 
to be proud. Pride was the cause of Satan's rebellion.  In our experience, 
all the natural virtues and spiritual gifts can be utilized by the devil to make 
us proud."

Witness Lee