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The TOMMY Movie

A few months ago a friend of mine said he was having trouble locating
the TOMMY movie on VHS so I decided to pick one up on eBay for him for

After receiving it, I decided to watch the entire tape to make sure
there were no bad spots or glitches.

I'm sorry, but I love the TOMMY movie.  I know many hate it.  But I find
it fascinating & only mildly slow in certain places.  

The images in that movie!  This morning while getting my newspaper & 
coffee at my local convenient store, I held open the door for a dude who
was bringing in bottled something.....and I couldn't help humming "Sen-
sation" to myself because I immediately thought of that scene in TOMMY
where the scrub workers are all doing their thing & Daltrey is flying
overhead on that hang glider!  Where was our Tommy, I wondered, as I 
gazed up at the sky?

Back to the film.....  I still get teary eyed during that scene when the
young Tommy is on that airplane-ride at the amusement park, showing abso-
lutely no emotion, but in his mind he's in his with his father in his 
father's airplane excitedly talking & pointing out the window.

And my friend Jeff & I both agree the scene of young Tommy on the beach
twirling around with a box over his head is fucking fantastic!  We're
not sure why - it just is.

Actually, I think I like the first part of TOMMY, concerning the young
Tommy, better than the Roger Daltrey part.  I don't know why, but the 
young Tommy scenes really bring out the emotion in me.

I feel exhilarated when young Tommy is doing that spaz dance in the room
full of mirrors - hopping about, flailing his arms - before mom & Uncle
Frank walk in & he returns to his passive state.

And the whole build up to the murder of Tommy's father....  There's some
neat things going on there.  I like how the door to Tommy's bedroom just
flies open on its own to reveal the silhouette of his father.

And Tommy's glance & smile as he sees his dad leaving his room.  Then, the
bitchin' film editing begins.  Tommy leaving his bedroom, walking out into
the hallway, the father screaming, "Laura!!!", Tommy pushing open his par-
ent's bedroom door, Uncle Bernie's arm grabbing the lamp, the shot of the
lamp (still connected) being brought down onto the father's head & neck,
Tommy's shocked expression & biting of his lip,.....  So powerful.....

And the "Christmas" scene is enthralling, too, with all the kids marching
around & the party goers.  Imagine being on *that* film set!

I also like Oliver Reed's warm, engaging smile during "1951" when Ann-Marg-
aret sings, "But somehow when you smile....." as she looks in the mirror.
That smile of Oliver Reed's absolutely kills me!  He looks so.....friendly!

I love the TOMMY movie.....

A towering shadow, so black & so high.
A white sun burning, the earth & the sky!

- SCHRADE in Akron