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A "boy" thing.

>From: JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: PornAccentFagsWinter
>because pete wasn't exactly a GREAT friend of george's, meaning like, pete 
>never appeared on any of george's albums nor did george appear on any of pete's 
>albums.  everyone else on that stage has worked with george in that capacity. 

Yeah, I know, but it just seems like Pete's been left behind.

>My son on the other hand, I remember him sitting in 
>the front window and waiting for the kid down the street to walk home, at 
>least a half hour. Wouldn't talk to me, told me to hold his dinner and when the 
>kid came up the street, he kicked the shit out of him. It was terrible for me 
>to see, but of course my husband said he had to do it..."It's a boy thing." I 
>think you all can agree with that,

No, I don't agree with that..at..all.
At all.
It's not a "boy thing", or an anybody thing.
What it is, is a *FUCKED UP* thing!
No boy (or girl) should be permitted to go and "kick the shit out" of anyone (must...refrain..from...obvious...Mc-joke).
Your instincts were correct.  It *is* a terrible thing, and shouldn't be permitted.
Please help me to understand your thinking.
I'm truly hoping I'm misunderstanding you.

>From: "Joe Overton" <tattoo515@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: oddsandsods list
>is the odds and sods list down? i havent got a digest in a couple weeks.

Not down, just slow (not unlike all the other lists, this one included, that focus on Who-content).
I received the first digest in a long time, yesterday.
Chalk it up to the Holidays.

Kevin in VT

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