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Re: Keith's drumming

> > Moon misconceptions? Check this site out, it's 
> > unbelievable:
> >
> > 
> That was an interesting argument.  Valid points made 
on both sides.
> Keith was well-defended, though.  Some people just 
hear sloppiness
> when they hear Keith Moon.  His originality is lost 
on them.  The
> one dude was way off base saying that Moon constantly 
> though.  That's just plain wrong.
> - SCHRADE in Akron

I think he was way off base saying that, too: "Finally 
Keith Moon. Man, this guy was terrible. The really 
funny thing is, as much as he overplayed, Dave Lombardo 
or Paul Bostaph (two very very good drummers, but i 
dont think i'd put them as all time greats) could play 
faster, harder, more complex patterns and STILL keep 
the rhythm of the song."

I really don4t think Dave and Paul are THAT fast... and 
what more complex patterns? "Rainning Blood", "Divine 
Intervention", "D.N.R"?... Maybe I4m being too fanatic, 
but to my hears, Keith4s not, at least, slower than 
those guys.


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