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Best song:
Has to be 'ICSFM.'  It's so dark, eerie, powerful,
haunting, even a bit psychedelic in a way.  I've said
it many times before, but it was the first Who song I
can remember hearing, back in the last quarter of '93.
 I can't remember before '83, except some scattered
murky memories (but I know '82 was there), so I have
no way of knowing if I heard any then-contemporary Who
songs played on the radio when I was a toddler, such
as 'EF,' 'Athena,' and "YBYB" most likely.

"Rael."  It's a very beautiful song, which I tend to
believe is about Israel (but not reading in any
apocalyptic messages), because of the lines "my
heritage is threatened, my roots are torn and
quartered," and "Rael, the land of my religion, to me
the centre of the Earth."  It was also the name I gave
to my sixth journal, and on looking through our '98
senior class yearbook when my dearest oldest friend
came visiting me, I discovered a girl in the
then-ninth grade class was named Rael!

Worst song:
I really can't think of a song on the original issue
which I dislike, though a lot of people view "Relax"
as a dated clunker.  I love the extended version of it
I've got on the Fillmore East boot from April '68.  On
the bonus tracks, probably the one that I like the
least is "Hall of the Mountain King."  It seems
pointless to me.

Tonight's my three-year anniversary for SO!

Anna U. Mormack
"Blessed are the sat upon, spat upon, ratted on/
"Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?...
"My words trickle down/
"From a wound that I have no intention to heal..."
("Blessed," third track on Sounds of Silence)
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