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Our cool kids and drums

In a message dated 12/5/2003 8:51:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:
Right channel has neet little "ding ding-ding-ding ding" on the bell (?)
cymbal (large cymbal usually to the right of floor tom, that often is tapped
at the very center for a high bell sound), vs. Left channel that also has
the same cymbal but a different beat.

That is the "ride" cymbal.  He used it very much on this album.  But I also 
hear some sort of bell too.

> He was working up a sweat!  It was
increadible watching this so young human being shaking his body to the
sounds in a completely uninhibited way.  Then, to my surprise, he lunged at,
and obliterated a stack of empty christmas decoration boxes.
Auto-destructive art!
I swear to god!
My wife and I just looked at each other like.."did you see that?!"

Kevin, good for you. These are precious things, aren't they? You better have 
a video camera or something.  Just wait until Ethan is *playing* the music 
with his friends and turning them onto "real" music.  

I get chills when my boy, Jonny tells me *why* Keith was so good.  To hear 
him hit Keith's riffs and get into his persona makes me laugh with pride.  I 
wish I could play like him and he's only 14.  He tells me stuff like how 
difficult it is to keep up what Keith does throughout a song like hitting that ride 
cymbal the whole time while the hands go everywhere.  The bass pedal is a breeze 
though because he mainly just goes thump thump thump the whole time while his 
arms do all the work.  

That slug John Bonham worked the pedal, double and triple pedaling while 
doing much off beat stuff that takes a totally different coordination with the 
four limbs.  Jonny has his style down pat.  Another difference between the two is 
that Bonham used the high hat extensively, while Keith used it rarely and 
often substituted the ride for the high hat. Or just used the high hat as another 
crash, and he used the crashes like crazy. At strange times too.  Both 
drummers kept things mixed up but Keith was the master at that.  Keith would do 
thunder rolls on the big floor tom before a break or use the bass pedal or do a 
tom flurry or do some tinkling on the ride or a machine gun on the snare or 
whatever he would think up on the spot during his play.  Just Brilliant.

Jon in Mi.