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Re: Roger on Guitar


>The first time I saw Roger on Guitar, I well,let's not quite call
>it a laugh but I had a bit of a chuckle. It was a bit like a NFL
>player trying to dance Swan Lake! What possesed Him or them to '
>have old Rog play the guitar is really beyond me. (actually this
>was not the first time,I had seen Him play an acoustic on "The Old Grey 
>Whistle Test" years before when He released "Daltrey")

I guess you don't know about the history of The Who.  Roger is in fact a 
*very good* guitar player.  He was the lead guitarist of The Detours (the 
precursor to The Who, if you don't know, in which both Pete and John played 
as well) early on.  Last year, after much shouting for it on my part, he 
played a flawless accoustic "Naked Eye" on accoustic at Konockti Harbor.


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