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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V6 #105

>From: "Jeremy Craine" <jcraine@hotmail.com>
>Subject: 2 pieces of IMPORTANT news!!
>i'm surprised no-one else has mentioned this yet-unless none of the 
>people in the usa get Mojo magazine - its the only reliable real 
>British music mag-
>anyway 2 pieces of news:
>Keith Moon  biography to b done by Channel 4 (Trainspotting/4 
>weddings../Lock Stock,2 Smoking..) - sounds good - no other details 
>about it though.
>2nd series of BBC "Classic Albums" is to feature Who's Next.
>Having seen the 1st series  -included Jimi Hendrix/Electric 
>Ladyland,Fleetwood Mac/Rumours,Paul Simon/Graceland,The Band,plus a 
>couple more - they are excellent and all have been released on DVD in 
>each are 55 mins.
>The report said the new series will begin may 9th i think;but no 
>exact date on the Who episode....
OK I give in.  I have scoured Mojo and the only reference I can find is
to the repeated Classic Album episodes on UK Arena.  If it is on great.
Where did you see it?