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Re: best concert with keith moon

I like that one (better than Leeds--sorry Mark).  In a way they were 
at their peak about that time--working at it long enough 
to be expert, but not long enough to be disillusioned.  I'm not sure 
why I like it better than Leeds.  Maybe I can hear the passion in IOW, 
when Leeds just sounds hard.


>a question to all:
>what is the best concert the who ever performed with moonie.  i have 
over 30 concerts on cd including many boots and after looking at it i 
would have to say it was the who's set at the 3rd annual isle of wight 
festival in 1970.  
>any opinions??  the who roared through their 2 hour set with passion 
and if you need proof this was the best version of young man blues 
with PT's excellent guitar solo!!

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