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Who today

"Who is she?I'll rape it"..."She's a virgin/I'm gonna be the first
in"...hmmm, when you think about it most of the Who's stuff is written
solely from a male point of view and I find it hardly surprising that not
as many girls 'get' their stuff, particularly since we now live in a more
'politically correct' time. Further, I go to a sixth form college in
Surrey, England and if I'm playing Who tracks in my car, most passengers on
the way home would rather I put the radio on. Most people want to listen to
the crappy, soft pop music in the charts currently. Perhaps compared to
most stuff produced today, in relation to most popular music The Who just
sound too aggressive (for want of a far better word). I don't think it's
unfair to say that it takes more than one play to get into most Who stuff
(like the recent chat - songs you hated and then suddenly realised you
loved. My vote goes to Sea and Sand, which I now regard as the best Who
song ever).

I only got into the Who after the Hyde Park concert, when I had only
actually gone to see Alanis Morissette and Eric Clapton. Although I'd heard
of the Who, I couldn't have named any of their songs (not even My Gen), and
I certainly didn't know what they looked like - they get no air time on my
radio or local tv. But their sheer stage presence and the crowds reception
got me hooked, especially Daltrey who with his eye patch, swearing and
microphone twirling looked like the scariest performer I had ever seen, and
instantly became my hero. If I hadn't seen them live there is probably no
way that I would be as into the Who as I am now.

And here's hoping they'll tour next year...

Anyway, just my thoughts,

"Long live rock", 
Pete Townshend