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Joni/Pete - The Shifting Crowds - Last Time

Dave, myself, writes:
>I remember at Day in the Garden show when Mitchell was playing, I could
only get >to about 50' from the stage and thought that would be it.  Soon
as she was done >her set though, I couldn't believe how many people turned
and walked away as if >Pete meant nothing to them as I scurried right to
the railing center stage.  On >that particular day, I didnt see very many
Joni Mitchell/Pete Townshend fans.

Dave, This is an excellent observation.  I myself cannot listen to them
back-to-back because I almost have to go through a metabolic change in
attitude first.

My sense is that the majority of fans that were at that event were polarized
to one or two acts.  This is also interesting because if you present dramatic
shifts in mood and appeal, it is kind of a way to control the crowd and not
have them lingering around.  This is very Orwellian.  Good material for a
Who opera.

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