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Little-known Keith recording

Dear friends,

I just got this correspondence from Michael Bruce's manager.  Michael was
lead guitarist for Alice Cooper and wrote some of the group's most
well-known songs, including "School's Out", "No More Mr. Nice Guy", and
"Eighteen", as well as opening for The Who with Alice Cooper at times.  We
were talking recently about a track on a Bruce album that Keith plays on,
and here are the details.  Keith played on a track called "As Rock Rolls
On" in Michael's album "In My Own Way" -- however, he's not credited, but
he appears in the special-thanks list.  Here's the explanation of why, as
well as Michael's other Who memories:

Michael has a fantastic memory and his book reads like a cross between Ed
Wood and Forrest Gump.  He dropped acid with Jimi Hendrix, knew Syd Barrett
"when", had Jim Morrison over for the seance, met John Lennon on the bed with
Yoko, and so much else.  His recallections are usually flawless.

The album is called "In My Own Way".  The track is called "As Rock Rolls On".
 As I said, although not credited, Keith is in the "special thanks" section,
there's a picture of him on the album, and MB in his book states that he used
tracks on that song.  A must for completists, if you have them in "Whoville"
(apologies to Dr. Seuss, LOL) like we do in "Wonders in Aliceland" (apologies
to Lewis Carroll). As such, I'd appreciate it if you would care to inform the
"Who-o-philes" (of which you know where to post, of course) of these facts
and that both the CD and/or book can be purchased from
http://www.michaelbruce.com/products/index.htm at Michael's site

Michael just arrived and explains, "Keith was so drunk and he was being
modest that night, maybe because he was only there hanging out with Dino
Dinelli. So he said to give somebody else the credit, and left it up to us.
When the credits were written, we gave to Ricky Fataar, who also played on
the track, but Keith is definately in there somewhere.  Of course, the full
track by Keith is on the master of "As Rock Rolls On" which we recently saw
while visiting a big Alice Cooper/Michael Bruce collector near Chicago."

I asked Michael if he had any other recallections regarding Keith and other
members of "The Who".  About Keith, Michael says, "I met him in the late
'60's at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit where we opened for The Who. It
either the Grande Ballroom or the Easttown Theatre. During Neal's drum solo,
Keith got on his drums which were set up behind Neal's and began jamming
along as Neal played.  It was really cool.

I met him again at Cobo Hall in Detroit, which tour was that? God.  Anyway,
that was where Keith blew up the toilet in the hotel with M-80's.  I wasn't
there for it, but I heard about it soon afterward. But, I was in the hotel
that night.

At the Tommy show [at the Rainbow Theatre, Dec. 9, 1972 --AM], I met the
whole band there after whereever that was, I hear Jeff said it wasn't the
Royal Albert Hall, and then they had a big party, and we met Daltrey,
Townshend, etc.  I talked to Townshend, and back then he could still hear
out of both ears.  Typical chit chat, nothing special.

Enwhistle was a solemn forboding fellow. I didn't end up talking to him.

Anyway, Jeff has been making me talk now, and now I'm done.


Michael Bruce

Hope you enjoyed that,

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