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Re: Joni Mitchell & The Who

ML wrote:
>the band put them off in the face of James Taylor or Jim Croce (for
>instance). I mean, how could a Joni Mitchell fan ever be a Who fan? I GUESS
>it's possible, but it must be unlikely.
>I don't remember too many female Zep fans, either. Or Mountain.
>Women have come a long way since the `60's/`70's. Becoming a Who fan could
>be as much a part of the process as burning a bra...who knows?


Joni to me is cut from the same cloth as Pete.  She can be a dark,
pragmatist and speak freely about some pretty personal things.  The moody &
side of me really digs this type of introspection and pureness.  Many of
Pete's songs are like this.  Lately most of Pete's solo efforts are folksy. 
Pete and his acoustic performances of 'Girl from the North country',
'I'm One', 'Drowned', 'Goodnight Irene', etc., all have a singer-songwriter
folksiness to them.  This is of course is on the fringe of his range as a
performer, which is a broad range.   The songs during his young, violent 
period is also very appealing o me too.
His classical / stringy works ('Street in the City',
'And I Moved', 'The Ferryman') also are very appealing.

 We are all lucky to have Pete.  He has certainly presented all of us with a
large enough variety to allow us to grow up and still have his music as
a companion.   My wife always asks me how I can stand listening to The Who
and Pete so much  ( to a non-fan, it must sound like Charlie Brown's
teacher ).
I can tolerate so much of The Who and Pete because of it's variety.  There is
something for every mood.  

Well this has gone a long way from defending Joni, but I invite you to listen
to the songs on here 'Hits' CD.  You must have in there.  It is in a
non-plastic CD case.  Probably under M in the Folk section of your West Myrtle
store.  Listen to 'Urge', 'Clouds', 'Free Man in Paris' on a rainy day.  Let
me know what you think.

I'll stop now!

Joe Lewinski
ICANON Associates, Inc.
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