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Hipper than Cher

> Drugs?  Where?


Don't even try it. That guy who said Cher was "extremely hip" must have
been on drugs. There is simply no other explanation. If it had been
stupidity, he would have said "John Cougar Mellencamp."

> Kind of a difficult fit, eh?  What did Cheryl say?  Music for misfits?

Hey, there's a lot of us misfits out there.

> No, no.  Totally hilarious.  Even the newscasters noticed.  The man's 
> going on tour, so he's looking for a little free publicity.  What 
> better way?

Good point.

> Oh, Lord.  Good thing.

Maybe, but they're hipper than Cher. On their worst day, and her best.

            Cheers                           ML

"Cry tough/Throw that girl on the floor/Help her up and watch her/Beg for
                                       Nils Lofgren