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Re: Re- Who's a Who

No bob pridden is not a band member of the who b/c he never played on stage 
with them.  But he is a member is the sense that he has been there from the 
beginning as was kit lambert & chris stamp.  Kenney Jones was the fourth 
member until 1985 live aid.  he was a different drummer than Keith moon.  not 
as good but who was as good as Keith moon???  he had a different style but a 
good drummer and until 81 the who still had fire.  look at their 1979 
performance at hammersmith Odeon for the concert for Kampuchea.  behind blue 
eyes was a staggering performance.  or the performance in Chicago in 79 with 
pinball wizard.  In 1981 they lost their fire but you cant blame all the 
problems the band had on Kenney.  Pete didn't help with the who with all his 
drug use!  People put all the blame on Kenney but Pete didn't help the