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Lifehouse 1999, a few lost tracks, & a bargain

>Who's rock-opera Tommy.  Townshend abandoned Lifehouse in 1971 and much of
>the material turned up on the groups 1971 album, Who's Next.


What, no mention of WAY? How `bout that!

>I got a couple of negative letters from people on this mailing list when I
>posted the breif version of this

That was certainly uncalled for, and unbecoming behavior from those who
should be glad of the opportunity to find this stuff out. I can't imagine
why anyone did this to you.

>It does have a stereo version of "Magic Bus" that is also on the U.S.
>Better Who's Best" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," neither of which is on
any of
>the remastered CD's.


(I'm sure you know this, but others may not) The short stereo version of MB
also shows up on WHO'S BETTER WHO'S BEST and some other collection which
escapes me at the moment...and the slightly longer version of Dr. Jekyll is
on RARITIES Vol. I & II.
For those of you out there who may want these songs but cannot find a copy
of MB, here are two more places to get them. I believe RARITIES is still in
The best place to get Magic Bus would be either the original Decca LP of MB,
or the LP (NOT the CD, which lists but does not include it) of MBBB. They
have the long (4:13) stereo version and it doesn't have those brittle,
metallic-sounding backing vocals.

Just a little piece of info, which relates to The Who only in regard to
trading: for those of you with a Sam's Club nearby, they have the H/P CD
writer (read: recorder) for a mere $169, and it even includes the best
software for making CDs (although you'll need to obtain some editing
programs). Grab it while there are some left; it's a bargain and even if
your computer cannot use it, someday you'll have one which will. Think about
it: if you have the burner and MBBB LP, you can make yourself a CD copy of
the best-sounding version of MB!

      Cheers                               ML