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Having the Aids, Beta rules and so does Nina

> Hi Everybody, As far as I can remember, Live Aid was not on general
> release as a video rental or was it  ever for sale.


Never released, on video or any audio format. Even the tracks themselves,
by the bands on boxed sets and the like. I've always wondered about
this;someone owns the rights.

> You would have 
> had to tape it on your VCR on the day. I did. Unfortunately it's on 
> the old Beta format.

You're a good man, Derick. I still have Betas. I still have a player,
although of late it's been giving me a few problems. I also videotaped Live
Aid, all of it. I was putting it on VHS w/o the commercials when my Beta
developed the problem. I am going to put it in the shop, and then we'll
I also have a segment of the Australian version of Live Aid, somewhere.
The Who's performance is the beginning of one song (My Generation?), the
end of another (Pinball Wizard?), all of Love Reign O'er Me, and WGFA with
another momentary blackout in the middle. The highlight is Pete throwing
his leg over the camera and falling, only to have Rog leap down there with
him. The performance wasn't particularly noteworthy, although if they'd
done After The Fire as originally planned it might have been (then again,
they didn't do it in 1989 either).

Beta was the superior format, and still would be if it had support. Sorry,
but that just had to be said.

> and some of it was blacked out by the loss of the satellite feed
> because They were using too much power by playing too loud. (Or some-
> thing like that !)

Not really; that's just what that dope Mark Goodman said. He said a lot of
stupid things that day, but Nina Blackwood still looked as cute as ever.
And I'm not talking `bout that ditsy Martha Quinn, neither. I mean, this
was the person who told Roger Daltrey he had "the best pecs in the
business." His reaction was pure puzzlement, as one would expect.

            Cheers                           ML

"Love is like death/It changes everything."
                                                     Flo And Eddie