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Re: Our other tastes in Music

To Nathan,
I am a total supporter of diverse taste in Music. I have been & always will 
be an abso lute WHO fan but I like alot of other stuff too. But remember the 
WHO was always different from the norm anyway. They were never a top 40 band. 
 I loved the Who when I was 10 and it was a strange time to like The 
Who-Disco was coming around. I was going to see Grease and listening to 
Quadrophenia at the same time. Haha  .......diversity not by choice-just 
Well, these days I love the resurgence of the music & clothes I wore blended 
with all the new stuff. I love seeing kids get into what we did as well as 
there own stuff. 
In the 80s I was a big Smiths Fan, U2 also. These days I just love Rammstein! 
And Fatboy Slim is so much fun! REM, Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz, Beastie Boys. 
I actually have seen Garth Brooks and  I love the opera star Cecilia Bartoli. 
But I am not a country music fan or big opera buff ~I am just a huge fan of 
any artist that does what they do with passion & the pure joy of just doing 
What are other Who fans listening to these days?