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Cover Me; Love, Luv; My hat it has 3 corners

> How about CHOBA B CCCP?  You've got to admit, the man
> can cover great rock & roll.


I never count covers; and you're not saying that Paul is best as a cover
band, are you?

> "Never Ask Me" is not a song that pops into my head when
> I think of Pete's love ballads.

I don't know about "ballads," but it's definitely a great love song! I'd
say Pete does great love songs, but some aren't ballads but powerful,
unrelenting Rock songs.

> "Sunrise" is my favorite of his,

Mine too! But I was talking solo, not Who songs.

> and it's a great one; but Townshend just doesn't *do* love
> songs much (unless they're to Meher Baba). 

Yes he does! What about Now And Then? Another great one! When did Paul even
approach: "Now and then you meet a soul/And you fall in love/You can't do a
thing about it..."?

> <g>  10th Anniversary coming up this October....

Uh oh. Trouble in the marriage. Then again, see the quote at the bottom.

> Thanks, but I don't need it; see below.

Yeah...nobody does.

> ever seen was during the Kampuchea concert, when
> Rockestra was up onstage (Paul's all-star backup

Did you notice that Pete refuses to play the game and wear the hat...he
eventually throws it into the crowd. I thing that's significant,
personally. I think it showed how he felt about Paul.

            Cheers                           ML

"Love is like death/It changes everything."
                                                     Flo And Eddie