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New Who

>From: Ryan Moore <moorerm@erols.com>
>Subject: new album?
>The Who can't make a new album, because it's not really The Who anymore.
>At the Nissan Pavilion show Pete called it "what we still refer to as
>The Who" it was a great show but it really seemed to be a Pete Townshend
>show.. Roger's voice seems cracky and Pete is actually singing stronger
>than him these days. John is still great but it just seemed like Pete
>and his band- Roger said in '89 he knew he was manipulated into playing
>with Pete's band and now it's even more the case.

An interesting point you make about Roger there. The first time I had the
opportunity to see the Who (in my four years of fandom) was NY last summer,
and I noticed that Pete's vocals absolutely kicked the tarmac out of Roger's.

Ah, but I saw the Lakewood show on August the 13th and, damn! Roger Daltrey
incredible! I have never heard such a voice, not in classical opera, not in
and not even in rock opera! The way he hit "Is It Me..." was heart-striking. I
really think this Quad tour was as much Roger's thing as Pete's thing.
There was
an article in our Atlanta paper on the Sunday before the concert all about how
Roger Daltrey did the video, the dramatization, and the staging and the like.
Now that I've heard Roger perform Quad from the heart (and with a healthy
pair of
vocal cords), I know that we are at least up to a Pete-and-Roger show, not
a Pete show.

As for the amazing Mr Entwistle, I feel for the brother. All of us who have
the pleasure of catching John's solo show know how damn good a bassist he is.
These Who shows tie John's hands behind his back because John can only play
bass lines that are already tightly composed for the songs being played.
Room for
John's true genius has to be gerry-rigged(sp?) into the middle of a song like
5:15. I think if we're up to 50% Who now. If John gets the space he needs
appropriate), I think we'll be at 75% Who.

- -Hart Deer