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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V4 #299

In a message dated 29/11/97 23:34:07 GMT, you write:

> Didn't he get jail time later for corruption?

Could be. There was an amazing situation in the 1970 attempt to clean up the
Met, (very well presented in a drama called "Our Friends in The North")  True
story presented as drama. No WHO content - it's all The Animals ... Head of an
outside force - Newcastle - called in to conduct thoro investigation in 1970 ,
obstructed by the Met, still uncovers massive, endemic corruption running up
to high levels - estimates up to 60% Scotland Yard on the take  - presents
report to Home Sec.. 

Meanwhile a corrupt architect/local government scam in Newcastle is under
separate investigation  ; turns out the Building Co. involved managed to get
The Home Secretary sitting on their board of directors. Reginald Maudling
(Conservative Home Sec.). 

So the man charged with implementing the Scotland Yd. Cleanup is threatened
- -by-
Scotland Yd. with revelation of his own position IF he does anything.

Report binned.

The cleanup took another 4 years ... which takes us to 74, about the time that
Robin Constable would've been sent down. Incidentally, after 74 you notice a
massive drop off in the numbers of London Rock Star busts. (Keith R. goes on
getting popped, but mostly because he's nodded off on the motorway & driven
the Bentley up a tree. 73 was The Last Time they came to his -door-).
Otherwise, all quiet on the western front.

It is strange how The Who were omitted from the Bust List tho. Beatles Stones
obvious. Biggest names. Clapton big underground rep 66/67. Poor old Pete,
talking Pills on national TV, smoking joints 12" long walking down the Kings
Rd. - can't get arrested. Amazes me in all The Who v. Stones nonsense that's
appeared in this newsgroup that anybody could miss the extent of the
Jagger/Richards influence on PT.  Their number 1 fan.