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Fav album


My fav would have to be a tie between Quad & Numbers.Quad for the sheer
energy,and numbers for a level of depth and introspection that I don't think
was  achieved on any other Who album.
Fav song ? I can't even bring it down to fav 25 songs !!
As for the most underrated song, I'll go with "Love ain't for keeping". Gets
a bit lost in the shuffle along with tracks like Baba O'Riley, Song is
over,BBE,WGFA etc.It's a great little track,and way too short in my
opinion.I also think a lot of John's songs are rather underrated.Two that
especially come to mind are Whiskey man & Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde.

Cheerio !
Sughosh Varadarajan

People give their lives to making war
And we call these people sane
                        - Jackson Browne