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Cheech and Chong

Does anyone remember a skit by Tommy Chong & Cheech Marin called "Now
Claaasssss!"? I'll attempt a para-e-phrase...

(Scene: Classroom, Bronx, early '70s, 45 kids, one "teacher",
Shakespeare on tap): "Class, if you'll turn to Act III [rabble rabble
rabble]...Excuse meeee, class, pleeease turn to Act III,
Scene...[rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb SMAAASH]...Now CLASS, you will right
this very minute start reading Julius's Act III, Scene 2 where...[yadda
yadda yadda, '...so what if she's YOUR sister...', '...SOMEBODY CALL AN
forever][end of story]."

I offer this poor recapture of a classic comedy crib to: [and the
winners are...]  WHITE FANG and KENT. Admittedly it's Oscar Season, and
all the studio picks are in the air, but I just wanted to submit how
much I've enjoyed the Siskel and Ebert roles assumed by these two aptly
endowed (possibly) males of our species to this year's Race for

I have been abscent from The Lists for quite some time, so I Can't
Explain how much a pleasure it's been to come back to lists inhabited by
These Two. I really thought I'd lost my sense of humor! Thank you both
so very much!

Noooowwwww...if we can all grow up to the next grade...

But seriously folks...[like if...], this is great entertainment. And
even somewhat educational. For me though, it's communal. Maybe I'm not
100% accurate with "my knowledge" of Who-history as recorded in books or
other people's minds, but I lived through the era of Them, saw Them
before they were famous, fell in and out of favour with Them over the
decades, restimulated myself with Tylee Ross's portrayal of Tommy, saw
Them in Albany...I'm no expert. Who cares? I have observations and
opinions formed over the years...so what if they're accurate or not?!
They were formed LONG before these lists ever got off the e-ground. I'm
happy to have factual gaps in my opinions corrected, with the same
affection that these lists stir up. Greatest band of all time, no
question...but we are but Fans...a e-Fan Club...


What price vitriole?

Saw Simon, Ben and Paul in Vancouver last Friday. Met WHOOLIGAN and two
of her friends from Seattle. [Hi Stef!] Enjoyed the music immensely. A
truly unique style. Too bad Simon's manager wasn't able to stir up more
advance on his star client. Turnout is too big a word. STB is not for
sale in Canadian CD shops; nobody knew he was going to be here except of
course for US. APEC didn't help. God save the queen...

My submissions to these lists are opinions and feelings. As such, maybe
they're misquided, but they can't really be wrong...

All the best
Bill in Vancouver.

"The guitar...is a weapon" PT