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Re: Pete and Roger singing away

Rich B:
>And I, in turn, must disagree with you, luv!  What I intended was 
>confront a tendency to sell ROGER short.

Ah yes, but Roger IS short!  <duck>

>I can concede this, and add that I can't imagine Roger singing a 
>ditty like Blue, Red And Grey, but I (and many, many others) 
generally don't
>want songs that are simply sad.

Well no, not ALL the time, but Now and Then (a fine tune, by the way) 
a simply sad song is in order.  And when that is what you need, then 
Pete is the man for the job!

>Overall I can overlook those, too, but it'd be an even more 
>experience if they weren't there in the first place.

Hey, even Pete can't be perfect all the time!

- -Yellow "It was a translation of je ne sais quoi" Ledbetter