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Re: Chinese Eyes

Joseph, re:

<< All concert tickets cost more in general than the did 10-15 years ago. 
 The ticket price range from my ticket agency for Fleetwood Mac last
 month ranged from $85-300 smackeroos, depending on how close you wanted
 to sit.
 	I paid $75 to see both Pete Townshend and KISS last year.  It seems
 very fair to me.
 	That's just the way things are if you really want to see a good group. 
 I'm not saying it's like that for ALL groups, I'm just saying the above
 price range is becoming the norm if you don't want to stand in line for
 3 hours at the venue box office.  >>

And I paid 20$ to see Chicago and The Beach Boys, and 9$ to see ELP. Is
something wrong here??? :-)

- -Mike