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Chinese Eyes was a heroin reference, but it really doesn't matte

Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read or heard this, but I am 
*absolutely* certain that I read or heard an interview with Pete in 
which he stated that Chinese Eyes was a reference to heroin.  This 
surprised me at the time but when I pulled out my copy I saw that it 
made sense.  The album is home and I am at work but there is a line 
in the text in which Pete refers to pupils dilated like pin-pricks, 
or something like that  (I don't remember).
Now "dilated" means big and Pete should have said "constricted" - a 
stupid and embarrasing error - but pin-prick pupils indicate heroin 
use.  Of course the cowboy was in the bright sun but this was an 
intended double-meaning.

I have said this before but here we go.  It really doesn't matter 
what Pete had in mind when he wrote this or that.  We can never see 
his work exactly the same way he sees it.  All we can ever have is 
our own interpretation.

"I get my body badly pulled"