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Hello Who fans, 
   I've go a delema, even though I'm only 16 and have been listening to the Who for
about 6 months I have to say they are the best band ever. My own Band needs a name,
for now we've got a tribute band title as "MAGIC BUS?" But I was also thinking maybe
"Uncle Ernie" or "Quadrofiend" (still haven't seen the movie). I was going to open
each show , if "Uncle Ernie", with:
Do you think it's alright
To leave the crowd with uncle Ernie...
I would of course ask pete for the use of his 24 sec song. Any one have good unused
     Also Are there any good who-informational webpages? I know nothing of the band!
I just learned today they were brocken up! and 4 months ago that keith has been 
   ! HELP
    next, How do I start getting the digest version of the mailing list instead of
40 E-mails?
     Lastly, I find it disapointing in the world that The Who is so much less popular
than the rolling stones. I had heard of them but never heard them for the longest
time. UNFAIR!!! Much like the band Sound Garden being unapprieciated because Nirvana
looked better. And I think that's all most people look at.

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