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Chinese Eyes

Actually, I don't think he meant that, if you read the words on the
inside of the album (which I've read about 20 times and still don't
completely understand) he was referring to squinty movie cowboys ie
Clint Eastwood. Using "chinese" to mean squinty seems a little
"politically incorrect" today but maybe not in 1982. No, I don't think
PT is a racist, so don't even start!

As far as the Stones, I don't think they're in it for the money, they
already have enough! It's more that they've been doing it their whole
lives and it's probably hard to say no to 70,000 people cheering for
you. Hqaving said that, I think the distinction is that The Who playing
Quad was something that had never been done, while The Stones are
playing basically the same set list as in the 70's. But then again, it
was embarassing to see the Who playing to a maybe half-full arena (UsAir
Arena, Washington DC) and to be one of about ten people under 40 in the
audience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear "down in
front" at a Who show!!!!!