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Re: Availability of Unreleased Materials

>Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 13:02:03 -0500 (EST)
>From: PAULJNORT@aol.com
>Subject: Availability of Unreleased Materials
>I want to say thanks for all the response to my Woodstock/Tommy  question.		I
>was thinking it would be really cool if the people who were interested in all
>the various unreleased materials (on film or tape---demos, outakes, and
>edited out stuff)--could somehow be made available to us thru some kind of
>"freedom of information" act.....all the unreleased stuff is unavailable
>because of commercial or marketing restraints, or for artistic considerations
>etc., etc., but think if there were a "Freedom of Who Information
>Act"......Some pretty wild implications here.....I guess I'm Dreaming from
>the Waist.

Although this is a well-intentioned idea, these materials have definite
owners. Any "Freedom of Who Information Act" would be a blatant violation
of property rights. I value living in a free society where my rights are
protected somewhat more than I value getting to hear another unreleased
version of "The Amazing Journey" :-)