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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V4 #289

In a message dated 16/11/97 02:19:00 GMT, you write:

<<  I doubt you will get many replies correcting mistakes for The Who in
History. >>

The Irish Jack book is an excellent read & well worth having - but it's by no
means definitive. One or two early shows have slipped past them, and some of
the early shows to which The Who were booked but failed to arrive, or sent
another band from the same agency (Stigwood at that time I think ?) are
included. Expect another volume next year, from sources close to Who Fan
Circles, going into even more exhaustive detail !   


PS. If you want enough copies to go round in the US - it'd be well worth
phoning or emailing the NYC number I posted. I can't believe that 5,000
copies will satisfy the Whole of The US Who population. (Maybe it will ???)