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Re: Pete and the Spice Girls

> >For those of you who missed PT's quote about the Spice Girls at the
> Q awards,
> >here it is again:
> >"I am not interested in the Spice Girls, apart from in their
> breasts"
> I'm happy to hear it...I've been in mortal terror that the Spice
> Girls were going to be picked to play the Mod Girls in the Broadway
> revival of "Quadrophenia"!
> On a slightly different note, judging from the end of a Spice Girls
> video I saw on VH1, their breasts are not particularly impressive.
> Thank you.

	Pete Townshend has been my Rock-n-Roll God for the past 17 years, but I
really  have recently started to like the Spice Girls as well.
	What, just because their breasts are'nt like fake watermelons, you
don't like them?
	I like them because they are different from you run of the mill pop/top
40 girl singing group.
	I like their sound and their enthusiasm about what and who they are. 
Right now one of their latest singles called "Two Become One" is a great
pop/top 40 single!!!