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RE: Live MSG Quad CD

Hey this is in response to Bill Sherman's posting about the Quad CD he
bought for fifty bucks.

Good find !  I am actually listening to it right now at work.
It kicks ass. I was at that show and three others that week at the
I paid the same price for mine , I think it was $45-
It is a bootleg. Drowned, WGFA, and Naked Eye, are my favorites on
there. Even though both CD's are great. Did you know that the demos on
the 2nd cd are all off of  Lifehouse + Quad demos (Another Bootleg
Double CD) I have that too. 

On another note, I picked up the video tape of the Who at the Isle of
Wight. It was recorded from the Japanese Laserdisc, which I have been
meaning to buy for the past six months, but the place had the tape
running and I couldn't leave without it. So I paid $20- for it. Im still
going to buy the Laser too.
But one thing that pissed me off was Naked Eye wasn't on the Tape.
That's one of my favorites off the double cd. I wonder if whoever
recorded it from Laser to tape forgot to include it or maybe it's not on
the Laser. Can someone shed some light on this shitty situation ? 

If you don't have the live performance from IOW.......get it. There's
nothing like seeing Keith go fucking bananas on his drum kit.

Oh one more thing, I forget before what song, but when you hear Pete on
the CD say "always causing trouble" you remember right ? Right before he
say's that he smacks Keith right in the face for some reason. I don't
know if he was joking or not but they both looked pretty serious. Anyone
know anything about that ?

That's all for now, I never have time to post stuff, but there's a
lilttle something for now.