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Smashing equipment

Hey, here is an except from an article in the magazine CANADIAN =
Volume XIX no. 5 (Oct. 1997). The article is titled "An Interview with =
Jim Marshall"
On page 26. The article is in the column 'guitar', by Peter Murray
How involved were artists like Townshend and Hendrix?
They were not. JH didn't come along until 1965-6,...and there's this =
been written about PT designing the stack! No way, I did! First of all, =
I designed the=20
2X12 cabinet. And although we were only producing a 45W amplifier at the =
time, and
these speakers were supposed to carry 25 watts each comfortably, we blew =
every one. Then the only thing I could think of was putting four 12" =
speakers in a cabinet.
There was nothing smart about designing the cabinet, because all Iooked =
at was
The sort of transport the lads had, and I designed the cabinet as small =
as I possibly
Could to put four 12" speakers in it! And that's why it's that size-for =
no other reason.=20
But I hit upon the right size.

At some point PT said he needed more power.
Initially, he bought just the standard amplifiers we produced. But then =
in about '66, he said he wanted 100 watts instead of 50 watts. So we =
built him the first three 100W=20

Did he go on to destroy these amps, like he did so many?
He didn't destroy amplifiers. People thought that he destroyed a lot of =
guitars and
Speaker cabinets. No. He was too clever for that. As a matter of fact, =
his father and I=20
thought the kid had gone stark-raving mad when he first started that. =
But it paid off, it=20
was a new form of showmanship that his father and I did not understand. =
We thought
it was stupid. But he was right in what he was doing. And his =
Rickenbackers, you see,
he did destroy two, which he used to bring back to me and I used to glue =
them back=20
together again, and they were the ones that he used to break - not the =
new ones!
So he was not as destructive as everybody thought. Over the years he =
destroyed no more than two, when he got excited on stage and used the =
wrong one.
But, other than that, he just damaged the speaker frame, which we used =
to redo
for him on a fairly regular basis, so he could do it all over again. But =
he never caused
much damage to anything."