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Lifehouse live

Does anyone know the complete set list for the 4/26/71 Young Vic show?
Taking into account the sets The Who played three weeks later on their
UK "secret tour", as well as references made by John Atkins in his
"Who's Next" liner notes, I'd say it's highly likely that "Love Aint For
Keeping", "Pure & Easy", "Time Is Passing" , and "Behind Blue Eyes" were
played (and recorded) at this Young Vic show, but, for some reason,
never got bootlegged.  In which case, I have a suggestion for Astley
(not that he's paying any attention to us):  instead of the
missing-guitar/mono mix of the studio "Time Is Passing", put a live
version of it on Odds and Sods.  And while you're at it, make it a 2cd
set.  Do you hear me, Jon?  Pete told me to tell you to do it, or else
you're fired, mate.